North Korea

Jan 30, 2021 3:34 PM
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Name: North Korea Description: The most authoritarian, oppressive and dangerous nation on the planet. Brand essence: Repression Brand purpose: We exist to maintain our oppressive regime. Brand vision: We vision a world where we can oppress our people without any resistance. Brand mission: We oppress and enslave our people with an iron fist. Brand values: Fear, oppression, control. Brand personality: Fearful, oppressive, powerful. Brand voice: Authoritative, threatening. Fictional characters:

. Brand positioning: We are the oppressive, iron-fisted nation that everyone fears. Copy example: “If you threaten peaceful citizens, they will never, never, never give up. If you want to fight, try us. The people will never give up their freedom.”

North Korea is a fucking crazy country which is located in the northern part of

. It is also known as the DPRK, and it was created after
was defeated by
World War II

North Korea is ruled by a guy named

, who rules through fear and hatred. All the people are starving and have to eat grass and dirt just so they can stay alive.

North Korea is constantly making threats and trying to launch missiles at Japan, America, and other neighboring countries.

To sum up, North Korea is an evil empire that threatens all the countries in its path.