website copy

Website copy

Note: This is an unsolicited work example, meaning that no one asked us to do it, and we just did it because we fucking can.


Description: A data-driven to-do list for K-12 teachers. We help teachers use all of their data to engage the right students at the right times. “No more manual spreadsheets, switching between tabs, or logging in to multiple platforms.”

Website copy:

The world’s best to-do app for teachers

Zappee helps teachers organize, stay on track, and engage their students. Get notified about what matters most and get back to all the important things in life.

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How it works

  1. Create a free account. Connect to the tools you already use: Google Classroom, Google Sheets, Edmodo, Sharepoint, and OneNote.
  2. Schedule your classes from anywhere. View your schedule and make changes from any computer or device.
  3. Use our charts to stay informed. See data collected from all your tools in one place. Focus on the metrics that matter most.

Why Zappee

  1. Less stress, more time. Spend more time teaching and less time trying to organize your schedule.
  2. Get back to what matters. Find out which students need your attention, and be notified about upcoming events or assignments.
  3. Everything in one place. Use the data you already collect to make better decisions about your classes.

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