Press release

Note: This is an unsolicited work example, meaning that no one asked us to do it, and we just did it because we fucking can.

Name: FORT

Description: A magnetic building pillow for kids.

Press release:

FORT — A magnetic building pillow for kids to develop creativity and imagination

St. Louis, January 28, 2021

FORT, the world’s first magnetic building pillow, is the brainchild of two parents who created a more hands-on, open-ended way to play with their children. Created by a mom and dad team in St. Louis, the pet-safe, stackable and wipe-able interlocking blocks allow children to build whatever they can imagine.

“FORT is an open-ended toy that encourages creative and imaginative play unlike any other building toy,” says co-founder Conor B. Lewis. “We wanted to make a toy that was fun, safe and clean and gave kids a new way to play.”

Designed in the U.S., FORT uses magnetic building blocks that connect like traditional building blocks, but without any sharp edges or toxic materials. The blocks are made with high-quality foam, which means they’re lightweight and easy to clean. The FORT can be wiped off with a damp cloth, making cleanup as easy as it is fun.

“Parents tell us all the time that they love playing with their kids and watching their creativity explode,” says co-founder Molly Lewis. “The FORT is a tool that lets them do just that.”

The FORT can be used as a toy or a fort. Kids can stack the blocks to build a fort for reading or playing, lie on them to make an ottoman or use them as pillows. Kids can also use the blocks to build forts, bridges and castles. The blocks come in different sizes, shapes and colors to encourage kids to create their own designs.

“We hope the FORT will be a building toy that kids will remember for years to come,” say the founders.

FORT is now running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a first production run and to introduce the product into retail. Shipments are expected to start in September 2021.